Frequently Asked Designer Portfolio Questions

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Can I interview more than one designer?

Yes, you can interview as many as you would like.

Will I be able to view the work of the designers?

You may view the designer's portfolios on our website. You may also click on their websites for more information.

How will I know the designer will be the right match for me?

If you are having trouble selecting the designer you believe to be the best fit for you, you can meet with our Designer Portfolio Coordinator who can assist you. We believe that the most important ingredient to the success of a design project is communication. The meeting provides an insight into your personality and the type of personality with whom you may be most compatible. We will then set-up complimentary interviews with several designers so that you may select your best match.

Can the designer help me with paint colors and space planning?


Can the designer refer tradesmen?

Yes, once you are working with a designer, they will be able to refer reliable contractors, builders, architects, plumbers, and painters – anything to do with your home.

Can I afford to work with an interior designer?

Working with a professional will help you avoid costly mistakes. Your designer will provide valuable information regarding choices that are best suited to you. Most people are unable to decorate an entire home all at once. Designers are very happy to establish long-term relationships with clients and can develop a master plan that will guide your design projects and budget over time.

With all of the stores out there, why can’t I do this on my own?

Certain aspects can be completed if you are on your own. However, a designer has access to specialty products and services only offered to the design profession. A designer can guide you through the DDD’s 40 showrooms and 1,700 product lines to obtain custom and one-of-a-kind products not available in retail stores and to attain the perfect finish, fabric, or other custom features you desire. You will also benefit from the training and experience of a design professional to avoid costly pitfalls and mistakes. A designer considers proportion, color, style, balance, comfort, and budget to help you create your home or office exactly as you want.

I am building a new home, I have hired an architect and a builder, but the architect has suggested I hire an interior designer. Why do I need an interior designer if I have an architect?

Architects work with clients to design structures and oversee the building process, ensuring that the plans are executed properly. The architect is responsible for the structural integrity of the home.

Interior designers meet with the client and the architect to integrate the building’s structural features with the interior elements of the home to enhance the way the client will use the space. They are professionally trained in space planning and consider the homeowners’ personalities, special needs, entertaining style, color palettes, passions, and a host of other factors to bring the interior to life in a way that is welcoming, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. It is up to the designer to translate the client’s lifestyle and family needs into a well-designed and executed interior.

How do I know if I need an interior designer?

That depends on you, on your available free time, patience, creativity or lack thereof, list of resources, interest, and much more. Here are some guidelines to help you decide if you should hire a professional. You might want to hire a professional designer if:

  • You have little or no free time to coordinate and shop for home decor items.
  • You feel completely overwhelmed by the number of choices available.
  • You need help with space planning, lighting design, kitchen layout, or bathroom renovation.
  • You want someone else to deal with the hassles of ordering, shipping, coordinating, and installing.
  • You want to have quality work done but do not have your own list of reliable workers, installers, and resources.
  • You have tried to decorate your home and have purchased a few nice items, but really need help pulling it all together.
  • You want a cohesive color scheme and design that can be carried throughout your home.
  • You think you have good taste, but would like to move up a few notches in style.
  • You have torn out photos of rooms you like, but are unsure of how to coordinate some of the elements.
  • You and your partner cannot seem to agree on anything for your home.
  • You have found a gorgeous sofa in a decorating magazine, but it is available "to the trade" only.
  • You want some custom designed furniture, cabinetry, fireplaces, built-ins, murals, faux finishes, etc.
  • You do not know what new products, fabrics, or appliances are available that might be used for your project.
  • Your home is from a particular period, has a specific style, or has an unusual design and you need assistance in selecting appropriate furnishings.
  • You are tired of buying things here and there without an overall plan.
  • You are very creative but do not know where to start with your current decorating project.
  • You would like more choices in fabrics, flooring, and furniture than are available in local stores.
  • You are planning to build a new home and are wondering if any interior specifications should be changed before work begins.
  • You have seen the "perfect" room in a decorator showhouse and would like to hire a designer to help you create it.